College and Schools

An aerial shot of 鶹ƵAPK during the fall, with students walking on the sidewalk

Three schools, one university

鶹ƵAPK is one community consisting of three schools: The College of Liberal Arts, School of Business, and School of Education and Leadership.

Two people using an electron microscope in 鶹ƵAPK's College of Liberal Arts

College of Liberal Arts

In the College of Liberal Arts (CLA), undergraduate and graduate students are challenged in and out of the classroom to not only learn, but apply knowledge in both local and global contexts. Our undergraduate majors and graduate creative writing programs encourage civic responsibility, social justice, and inclusive leadership.

a graduate student from 鶹ƵAPK's School of Business smiling outside

School of Business

鶹ƵAPK School of Business (HSB) prepares the next generation of business, nonprofit, and public sector leaders. Our theory-to-practice approach provides graduates the skills to take the lead in their organizations and make a difference in their communities.

An alumnus of 鶹ƵAPK's School of Education and Leadership speaking in a classroom

School of Education and Leadership

Whether you’re just getting started in teaching or looking to add to your skillset, 鶹ƵAPK School of Education and Leadership (HSEL) offers a range of licenses, certificates, and advanced degrees. Our graduates foster inclusive classrooms and schools, prepared to meet the educational challenges of today and the future.

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