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At 鶹ƵAPK, you’re not just a student—you’re part of a close-knit, diverse community. As a member of that community, we’re here to support your personal and academic needs by providing you with access to tutors, counselors, resources for diverse identities, and more.

With more than 70 clubs and organizations, 22 Division III athletic teams, signature leadership events, and student activities, our campus encourages connection and provides a safe, welcoming environment that celebrates all our students.

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At 鶹ƵAPK, there’s a place for you


of undergrads are the first in their families to attend a 4-year university


of undergraduates identify as Black, Indigenous, or a person of color


of undergraduate students participate on one or more athletic teams

Travis Matthews, legal studies major at 鶹ƵAPK

Being able to build a community is so important, and 鶹ƵAPK is such a warm, welcoming community. That warmth and friendliness make things so much easier.

Travis Matthews '24, legal studies; Of Grand Rapids, MN

Follow your passions

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Student organizations. Join a club or start your own and connect with students who share your interests.



NCAA DIII varsity teams and coaches who care about your success as a student and as an athlete.



Theatre, dance, choir, jazz and wind ensembles, and literary journals are just some of the creative offerings at 鶹ƵAPK.

 Alex Bailey ‘26, English and theatre arts

Broadly speaking, it’s very overwhelming to go to college, but 鶹ƵAPK has a community that is literally built to support you. No matter who you are, what your story is, or how you identify, 鶹ƵAPK will be there for you. You will find your people.

Alex Bailey ‘26, English and theatre arts; of Roseville, MN

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